Move {Personal Project}

As an artist, I think it's important to constantly be stretching your creative vision. One of my favorite quotes from a photographer I truly admire is,

"Experimentation fosters progression and progression keeps us in love with what we do." 
Ben Sasso. 

To find your passion in life is truly a special thing. I never want to remain stagnant or become bored with my work; I want to always be learning and stretching my abilities to the next level. 

The unfolding and planning of this shoot could not have been more perfect. All the dots connected from beginning to end and the final results have left me overwhelmed with gratitude. I have so many beautiful souls to thank that helped me bring my dream to fruition. It's truly humbling to work along side these beautifully talented men and women. Thank you first and foremost to Caitlin Peabody, my stunning ballerina, Lois Wholey, Carmel Vandale, Laura Vojtko, CJ Persinger, Justin Steel, Bar Marco, The Union Hall, Mt. Lebanon Floral, and lastly the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater. I also want to give a big thank you to all my friends and family as well as my continued supporters who are constantly pushing me to be a better version of myself. 

I always had a dream of capturing a ballerina with my lens. Ballet represents and embodies so much; it's peaceful and graceful yet it requires an extreme amount of strength, patience and determination to achieve success. This shoot symbolizes and represents movement, both physical and emotional. It exemplifies strength, determination and patience. I hope it inspires people to move and to go out and make something of themselves; to truly live. Whatever one hopes to achieve in this life, whatever dreams he or she wants to follow, I hope they do that and more and never let anyone or anything get in their way. Don't ever let a bad experience give you a bad life. Turn a bad experience into something beautiful and understand that everything truly does happen for a reason. Over time, everything starts to become more clear and getting out of bed isn't so difficult anymore because you can't wait to start your day; you start to see the light again. Every day is a new opportunity, it's just up to us to seize it, to choose joy and to keep choosing it.


“If I’m an advocate for anything, it’s to move. As far as you can, as much as you can. Across the ocean, or simply across the river. The extent to which you can walk in someone else’s shoes or at least eat their food, it’s a plus for everybody.

Open your mind, get up off the couch, move.”