Lexie & Lucas at Home {Seattle Portrait Photographer}

When Lexie reached out to me about photographing her and Lucas for their one year anniversary I was giddy with excitement to work with them again. Photographing people at home has always been something that I have loved. I have done family, maternity, and newborn sessions in the homes of my clients but I have been itching to photograph a couple. There is something truly special to me about a home. It's a safe place, a refuge, something we share with the ones we love. We get to make it whatever we want it to be. Sometimes it's messy and sometimes it's clean but regardless of the way our homes look memories are made there, memories that more often than not, no one will ever see.

I considered it a privilege to not only be welcomed into Lexie and Lucas's home but to also have the opportunity to capture them together in that very special place. What would you do together if I weren't here I asked and the rest of our time together just kind of took it's own course. We had so much fun and it was incredibly endearing to witness Lexie and Lucas in their home, one year later outside of the hustle and bustle of their wedding day. There was nothing to distract them, no people to entertain, no timeline to follow. It was just the two of them, in their comfy clothes on a mundane Sunday morning in the home they have created together. I get to witness love and relationships of all different kinds in this career. A wedding day seems close to perfect, everything is heightened and two people are hopelessly in love ready to start the next chapter of their lives. Seeing that love still there a year later just as I had witnessed it on their wedding day filled me with so much joy that I actually cried on the way home. (I know, I'm a total sap!) lm so happy that these two found that imperfectly perfect kind of love and that I could be a part of this journey with them.