The Bold, The Brave, and The Beautiful {Seattle Portrait Photographer}

When the idea for this shoot came to my mind, I knew that I wanted to do it in a clean space. I didn't want anything to take away from the heart and soul that I was trying to capture. Thanks to some lovely connections I've made in the industry, I was able to snag this insanely beautiful studio space at the Bemis Arts Center in downtown Seattle.

It was important to me that this personal project challenged me in a different way. As artists, we can sometimes feel stagnant and crave something new to stimulate our senses and inner self. Every once in awhile we need to do something outside of the norm to remind us why we do what we do, to progress in and strengthen our craft.

The concept behind this shoot was to highlight female empowerment. Every single individual that contributed to making it happen is a Girlboss. I am so incredibly lucky to know so many extraordinary, inspiring, intelligent, brave, talented, strong, and exquisite women who never settle and strive to turn their dreams into living realities. They push themselves through the sweat and the tears, they rise above any doubt of achieving greatness and when they slip and fall, they get back up and try, try again.

Paulina is an amazingly talented florist who just launched an online floral shop in Seattle {} and will continue to work two jobs until she gets to where she wants to be. Sydney is a young and aspiring fashion blogger and model {} who continues to grow and push herself to achieve her dreams. These women are only two of the many I have come to know and admire.

As empowering women, learning how to stand on our own two feet is important. Setting goals and meeting these goals is important. Creating an identity for ourselves and being who we want to be in this world is important. I hope you enjoy this different side of me and that these words, although simple, inspire you and encourage you to not let fear impede on your true potential of becoming something great. Follow your dreams beauties.

"Here's to strong women
May we know them
May we be them
May we raise them."


H/MU: Contour and Blush
Florals: Mercado
Girlbosses: Paulina Castro and Sydney Bright